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19th Century Chinese Qing Dynasty Embroidered Opera Gown




19th Century Chinese Qing Dynasty Embroidered Opera Gown.

The Peking (also known as Beijing or Jingju) Opera was popular in the Qing dynasty. Performances were dramatic, colourful and prestigious. Chinese opera costumes were as important as the actors; each representing a story. The costumes were also designed to highlight the actor’s meticulously-choreographed movements.

This elaborate Chinese opera costume is a ceremonial robe with dragon designs. The costume was worn by actors playing high officials in civil, political and military operas during the Qing Dynasty.

This high-quality fully-lined silk gown is vibrant orange in colour and boasts authentic dragon designs and embroidery. The designs are featured in maroon, blue, grey, beige and black, and are accentuated with beautiful gold thread stitching.

This magnificent gown is ready to be hung as a prized feature on any wall.


  • Time Period: 19th Century
  • Origin: China
  • Dynasty: Qing


  • Condition: Very good condition with minor wear and stitching markings
  • Craftsmanship: Handmade
  • Material: Silk with material backing and gold thread stitching
  • Colour: Vibrant orange with maroon, blue, grey, beige and black
  • Dimensions: 196cm (W) x 142cm (H)


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